Accelerate your startup's success with Foundersqr

For Ambitious founders who want to scale

Contextualise performance, enhance team dynamics, ship products faster, forecast outcomes, and make confident decisions to drive your business forward.

Performance-driven growth tools.

Underpinned by deep learning technologies, we provide you with a whole suite of products and resources designed to support your growth and success from ideation to execution.

Instant access to growth tools.

Foundersqr provides founders with a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to support their growth and success from ideation to execution."


5-F Model


7-S Model

Product Planning

Manage your product roadmap, collaborate with team members, and track progress towards your goals in one place.


Fundings & Contacts

Investor Management

Manage your investor relationships, Streamline communication and reporting for maximum transparency and success.


Visits, Sales, etc

AI Sense

Even newbies dig

Business Modelling

Create accurate financial projections, explore different scenarios, and make informed decisions for a successful business strategy.

Enhance team dynamics

By providing tools and resources for building strong team dynamics, encouraging open communication, and promoting work-life balance, Foundersqr enables entrepreneurs to create a culture that supports employee well-being and business growth.

What do we really do?

We enable you to transform
your small idea into the next big thing.

Simplify proccesses

Remove the friction and silos, and embrace smooth sail within teams

Stay Organized

Plan each event, task, product, marketing, sprints and many more with easy-to-use features

Business Models

Leverage our well-researched business model templates from global leading institutions like McKinsey 7-S Model

Foundersqr: High-Performance and Productivity tools for founders and people

Launch Your Global Business:
Get Registered Locally and International

Foundersqr simplifies the business registration process and makes it easy for you to start your venture anywhere in the world. No more navigating complex legal systems or dealing with endless paperwork - Foundersqr takes care of it all for you.

Easily Integrate
with your favourite tools

Simplify your workflow and boost productivity with Foundersqr. No more juggling multiple tools. With several integrations, Foundersqr consolidates your information into a single, streamlined dashboard. Experience maximum efficiency and stay focused on what matters most with Foundersqr.

foundersqr integrations

Track what matters; KPIs OKRs and more...

Whether you're looking to understand your customers, optimize your operations, or identify new opportunities for growth, Foundersqr's AI-Powered Insights can help you unlock the power of your data and take your startup to the next level.

High-Performance and Productivity tools for founders and people

Execution shouldn't stop you

Transform Your Idea into a MVP with Ease.

Don't let the challenges of building an MVP hold you back – join forces with us today and turn your dream into a reality." Our team of experts has a proven track record of helping founders like you build their MVPs in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner. Whether it's guidance on product strategy, design, development or launch, we've got you covered.

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